Wireless Charging In The iPhone 8?

At least according to new rumors from a fella at an Indian company that’s supposedly in the know.

Android as many will know, has had wireless charging for some time, and the Samsung S8 even has fast wireless charging. So one might speculate as to why Apple hasn’t had wireless charging all this time.

I’d suggest it’s because they haven’t found it to be as beneficial or user friendly to their customer base as they’d like.

So if that is true, I look forward to the day when Apple releases a wireless charging iPhone, which could be in the 2017 model lineup. Reliable sources seem to suggest this, including Ming-Chi Kuo.

And if Apple is indeed releasing wireless charging this year, I think it’ll likely be better than what we’ve seen out on the market so far. And could this be a move towards a port-less iPhone in just a few years? Why not, that would be sleek and cool?

How you like them Apples!