Why I Love The Microsoft Surface Laptop

And it’s not because I’m gonna buy one. I’m not. But folks all over the place are giving it great reviews. The Verge says:

Their [MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface] resemblance matters because the Surface Laptop achieves in 2017 what the second-generation Air did in 2010: strike precisely the right balance of power, utility, portability, and battery life that the majority of regular consumers actually want.

And this is the crux of it. 7 years later and the MacBook Air is still selling strong. I’m surprised it’s taken Microsoft, or any PC maker for that matter, this long to come up with what was clearly a winning formula back in 2010.

None of that matters to me and you friend, because we’re Apple diehards. Well, no, not really, we’re Apple enthusiasts. Like I’ve said before, corporations aren’t our friends but they can deserve support when they make good stuff. Like Apple does.

And this is why I love the Microsoft Surface. It’s gonna keep Apple honest and lean. The more decent competition they get, the better their products will be. And it becomes a self-feeding circle.

Everyone wins when there are choices that are great, whichever side of the OS fence you sit.

How you like them Apples!