Why I Don’t Want Your Email And Why You Shouldn’t Want To Give It Up Either

This is a blog about simplicity and living an authentic, full life. So I really like to try and focus on getting to the very marrow of the bone. To hell with the fat and meat. Let’s get to the essentials. So let’s talk about that.

One of the things you’ll notice on this blog is that I don’t ask for your email address and I’m not trying to subscribe you to anything either. There are no popups here either. If there is one thing I hate above all things on the internet it has to be popups. And speaking as a reader, I’m not going to give you my email address.

We aren’t friends, and honestly, if you’re saving your best stuff to put in private emails to your subscribers then you really don’t have anything interesting to say on your blog which already means that you’ve lost me.

So let’s look into this a little further and tease out the reasons why I don’t want your email.

Your best stuff should be on your blog easily accessible

If you’re saving stuff for your subscribers then I don’t care to be involved with that. And listen, unless you’re really, really, very, exceptionally gifted/educated/talented/smart then I’m not interested in paying with my time to get what should be easily accessible on your blog.

This is doubly true for any course or book you’re going to try and sell me. I’m not interested. If I wanted to take a course I’d go to a university or college. No, I’m not going to pay you to teach me how to become more Zen, or how to increase minimalism course. That’s just not worth it. You don’t have any special insights or education that I can’t glean elsewhere.

Not only that, but these courses aren’t worth the $27 or $47 or $97 that you seem to think they are worth. I’m not going to pay you $27 or more to learn how to run. I can do that for free. Worst case I’ll buy 3 or 4 or more ebooks from actual experts in the field for what you’re charging me for your short way overpriced piece of pablum.

Stop treating me like a product

Really, why do you want my email address? I’ll tell you why, because you want to sell me shit that I didn’t ask for at way to high of a price.

I don’t subscribe to blogs any more because of that. I’m sick of it. And you probably are too. 3 or 4 or 7 emails of wishy washy advice followed by a couple of sales emails. You’re a one trick pony blogger and that’s why I’m not going to subscribe.

All the best stuff I can come up with I put straight on my blog. Now I don’t work for free, and that’s why there are some ads on here. My time is valuable, and so is yours. That’s why I wrote about your $72 million space time wealth. It’s also why I won’t waste your time asking for your email. The best stuff is here and you can read it or browse it at your leisure.

You are not a product to me, but another human being with whom I’d like to have a discussion. If you don’t like the ads you can use an adBlocker which I recommend. That’s why I also ask politely that if you think any of what I have to say is valuable would you please buy one of my books. Real fiction books.

It tells me you’re scared you’re going to lose me

And you will. This goes back to the top heading. If you aren’t putting your favorite and best quality posts on your blog but in your email then damn right I won’t be coming back to your blog.

Put the good stuff on your blog and I’m very likely to bookmark you and keep coming back for more of your pearls of wisdom. That’s what I’m hoping to do. I’m hoping to put the best stuff here so that you’ll come back because what you find is of value.

And lastly a rant.

You’re not a special snowflake because you’ve lived a life

I sure as hell don’t think I am. But maybe I have a way of looking at things or phrasing ideas that you find interesting or helpful. That’s all I’m trying to do. Have a conversation. I am not a guru, and neither are you Mr/Ms Blogger X.

Just because you’ve run a few marathons doesn’t make you a fitness savant. Just because you’ve lost a bunch of weight doesn’t make you a weight loss expert.

Offer up your best, in your own voice and I might just stick around to read it and come back for more. Put up some ads to make some money or ask for donations, your time is valuable. But don’t pretend that you want my email so that you can help me. You don’t, you want to help yourself by upselling to me until I bale. And bale I will. A S A P!