Who Wins at User Privacy – Apple or Google?

My two favorite tech companies are Apple and Google. Google makes its money by serving you ads. And to make that more specific to what you might actually be interested in, they use your data to serve those ads.

Apple makes most of its money by selling you products. Despite what you might think, Apple also uses your data in order to create better products you might likely want to buy.

Additionally, Apple seems to be moving more into advertising and Google is moving more into hardware sales. To boot, there are ads in both Apple’s App Store and the News App. Google is now selling Chromebooks, Phones and TV hardware.

So which one is more interested in protecting my privacy? I’d answer both. Both are scooping up tons of your data and using it to sell you stuff. Make no mistake about it.

Additionally, Google makes it easy to see which information they collect and have about you. Just go to your account settings. You can also easily delete or this stuff if you want. Apple… not so much. How do I delete my Maps history for example? I have no idea.

I like both companies equally. I prefer Apple’s hardware and software for most things, but not all.

How you like them Apples!