What Would You Do If You Won 2 Billion?

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”
~ James Dean

Times are hard right now as the world’s economies slump into recessions. Many think that the worst is yet to come and I would have to agree. What with the bureaucrats trying their hardest to make things worse I think they just might succeed.

But this is not really meant to be a political post, rather it is a post about wealth. Thinking about the challenging times we live in got me thinking about your time on this planet and how we might want to spend it.

Many of us wish that we could win a few hundred thousand dollars or perhaps in our wildest dreams we take to flights of fancy and of winning a million dollars or even a few million.

Many of us are buying lottery tickets everyday in the hopes that we might have a chance of turning these dreams into reality. The current Powerball lottery in America is at about $60 million which is a very decent chunk of change.

Though of course that is nothing to the hundreds of millions that the Powerball has been at before. The biggest Powerball jackpot has been $365 million dollars which was one by 8 Nebraskans in 2006.

In 2002 Jack Whittaker one the largest single winner Powerball jackpot when he claimed $314.9 million all to himself. That came in on Christmas Day, talk about a nice Christmas present from jolly old Santa.

So take just a minute and imagine what your life would be like if you won a hundred million. Actually, I want you to think about what your life would be like if you won 2 billion which is what this post is really about. Don’t pooh pooh the idea, just allow yourself to imagine it for a moment. What would you do with your life and your time. Roll the idea around in your mind.

Okay, done? Listen, most of us, in fact will get 2 billion and some lucky few will get 3 billion or more. Seriously. On average in America you can be certain of 2.4 billion – more if you’re a women.

By now you might have realized that I’m not talking about money. But in fact I am talking about a much more valuable wealth which is our health or more importantly our lives. Time is the only non renewable resource that we each get. And we are spendthrifts with it.

I want to put it into perspective. The average lifespan of an American is 78.3 years. This works out to 2.4 billion seconds roughly. We are all gifted with billions of seconds of life – barring some sort of catastrophe. We are all billionaires.

And my question is what will you do with it? Does it help to see it put into such light?

Knowing that you are a multi-billionaire are you inclined to keep spending it so frivolously or will you be a better steward of your billions? Will you invest your billions more wisely? Even if you are over 50 years of age you still have over a billion left my friend.

Can you see how important this time is? How much could we contribute to the world and to those around us if we invested more wisely in the time allotted to us. Taking care of your health really is your greatest wealth. If you can live to be 96 by eating well, exercising and not smoking at all or drinking to excess, you could have banked 3 billion seconds.

Seize this moment. Start guarding this treasure as if your life depended on it because literally, it does.

Spend your life wisely pursuing something greater than you think you are capable of achieving. Seek your passion and embrace it. Suck the very marrow out of life and drink deeply from this well.

It doesn’t matter what you do with it other than you do with it what you want. Become an astronaut or a school bus driver – whatever you do, just follow your bliss. Put anger and resentment in it’s proper place – they are thieves of this most valuable resource – your time.

Take the time to enrich your billions with love and honour and kindness. Love someone if only yourself. Be generous with your time and resources to those who deserve it. Be patient with the young and old and find happiness with where you are now as you seek out greater freedom and joy for yourself. Reach just a little further than you think you can. Linger a little longer at the dawning sun than you should. And play a little more with children than you’d want.

And this my friends is how to spend your time, your greatest wealth for the greatest good.

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