What Is The Best Android Phone You Can Buy?

That would be the current and latest iPhone. As I write, this is the iPhone 7.

As you know, my 2 favorite tech companies are Apple and Google, in that order. In fact, those are probably the only 2 tech companies I’d have a hard time giving up.

Currently, I’m using an Android phone as my daily dabbler, the OnePlus 3T. It’s a great phone, but it isn’t as great as the iPhone. So why would I, not facetiously I might add, suggest that the iPhone is the best Android phone.

Ah, my young padawan, let me count the ways.

The build quality of the iPhone is amongst the best. This alone is not sufficient. The OnePlus 3T has great build quality too.

The camera is fantastic. So say many reviews. Perhaps not the best. Some would argue that the Pixel has the best current camera, or perhaps the Samsung S8 or the HTC U11. Nevertheless, I’d put the iPhone 7’s range’s camera in the top 3.

You get all the best Google apps available to you on the iOS system. I just counted. There are 77 apps on the iOS by Google. In most cases, the experience with these apps between iOS and Android is equivalent.

But perhaps the best and maybe only reason the iPhone makes for the best Android phone is because of the updates. You’ll most likely get 5 years of updates out of your iPhone which is even more than what Google can offer on its own Pixels.

Plus, with Apple managing both hardware and software, the experience is just more seamless. Not as tweakable, but I’d give that up for the security, speed and smoothness of it all. So have your Android and iPhone too!

How you like them Apples!