Tips on how to treat insomnia naturally and for free

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?
– Ernest Hemingway

I sometimes have a problem sleeping and suffer from insomnia. This never used to be a problem but as I get older it seems I become more susceptible to insomnia and sleep related disorders.

And I know that there are a lot of people who have trouble sleeping through the night. In fact if you’re wondering how many people suffer from insomnia on any given night I’ve heard figures bandied about of around 5% to 10%. So you’re not alone if you’re up all night with insomnia.

But that doesn’t include how many people suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives. Here the figure gets much bigger. When asking how many insomniacs there might be I’ve seen figures suggest that at least 25% to upwards of 34% of folks have trouble sleeping through the night at least at some point in their lives. This is a huge number.

And as you can imagine, the amount of money being spent on pharmaceuticals or sleeping pills to help you sleep through the night is huge. At least hundreds of millions of dollars must be spent on sleeping pills alone. So if you find it hard to find free way to cure insomnia it probably isn’t by accident. There is a huge financial incentive to push sleeping pills and other pharmaceutical solutions to sleeplessness.

But I have found a free and effective way to combat insomnia thanks to my wife. My wife heard of this technique to vanquish insomnia from a friend whose husband struggled with insomnia for years. In fact his insomnia got so problematic that he eventually had to seek help from a sleep clinic and a sleep doctor.

So here is how to cure sleep deprivation or basically how to solve insomnia for free. It’s worked for both my wife and I and I’ve never slept better than after using this free meditation technique to cure insomnia.

The free technique to completely cure insomnia

Once you’re in bed and ready to go to sleep get yourself into a comfortable sleeping position however that might be for you. Your eyes are closed and the lights are out.

Now follow what I have termed the 5 5 5 5 natural insomnia cure.

Take 5 deep breaths. Don’t force this but just take nice, deep breaths. Five of them and count them.

Next, picture in your mind’s eye 5 things you can see. Your eyes are closed so you imagine 5 things that you can see or that you have seen in your room before. Picture your bed, or your dresser or your alarm clock etc, etc.

Now count 5 things that you can hear. This one might take some time to do as it did for me, but it is important before you carry on. Perhaps you can hear a car passing by. Maybe you can hear your breath etc, etc.

The 4th number 5 in curing chronic insomnia is to count 5 things that you can feel. Perhaps you can feel the sheets against your body. Can you feel your hand across your belly or your ankles crossing each other.

If you are still awake after this round of 4 fives then repeat, but this time take 4 breaths, picture 4 things, hear 4 things and feel 4 things. Then go to a round of 3 then 2 then 1 and if you’re still awake then start back again with 5 breaths, 5 things, 5 sounds, 5 tactile things.

I haven’t gone beyond the first round of 4 breaths. But, remember, when you are trying to overcome your insomnia you need to be gentle to yourself. It’s okay to go through 2 or 3 or more rounds when you are starting out. As with anything in life, practicing beating your insomnia will help you beat it.

So those my friends were tips on how to treat insomnia naturally and for free. I hope you found them helpful. You don’t need any sleeping pills and you don’t need natural sleep aid supplements to overcome poor sleep patterns. Most times we suffer from sleeplessness because our minds are barking, rabid dogs and we need to collar and train them with these easy meditation techniques that can beat your insomnia into submission.