The Power Of The Peaceful Mind

I was just watching a show on TV and it got me to thinking about a topic that is dear to me. A topic that I think is very important for all of us really. And that is the power of a peaceful mind. And if you think about it, how rare is the mind of peace. Especially in today’s frenetic society.

And yet peace though fleeting is attainable, but we’re not encouraged to seek it out and we’re not shown how to find it. But I hope this post might help you with that.

The New Year is well behind us, and we’re probably dropping a lot of our resolutions that at the time sounded like a sincere and well reasoned goal plan. What happened? We’ve lost sight of what’s important to us.

It takes a focused and peaceful mind to maintain drive to work towards our goals. But we so easily lose that sense of focus and drive. Because it’s easy, there is so much out there that our ADHD is continually fed speedballs of sugar as I like to call it.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. And the key is to find that peaceful mind.

Think about this. Most of us know that what we eat carries important consequences to our overall physical health. We know that saturated fat for example is bad for us, in spite of what badly written recent science might have you believe. It is bad. And we know that so much sugar is bad for us, as well as too many refined carbs.

And some of us, maybe a lot of us, are able to maintain a healthy weight regardless of the barrage of unhealthy foods aimed at us. Despite the unholy buffet tables of bad food being shoved at our faces day and night.

And the thing is, we need food to live. We need to eat, and it’s often more tasty, convenient, cheaper to eat unhealthy processed crap than to pay and make the healthy foods that our bodies crave. And yet we do it. A lot of us do it, and it’s hard, but we manage.

Now compare this with our minds. Our minds do not really need feeding. Yet every day we are feeding our minds millions of ideas, images, words, thoughts, and how healthy are they?

Just like what we feed our bodies affects our physical health, I am convinced that what we feed our mind affects our mental health. We literally need to clean up the garbage that lives upstairs in our minds. But how to do that?

Take the time to prepare only the most nourishing of images, thoughts and words to feed your mind. This TV program I watched wasn’t healthy. It was like junk food for my mind. It was too gratuitous with the violent imagery and the subject matter was especially dark, even for a crime show. Now entertainment is one thing, but we have to draw the line somewhere. This is for you to decide.

But I for one, don’t want to feed my mental landscape junk that pollutes the green tranquil, peaceful valleys. I want to feed it healthy, nourishing thoughts and input.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t read the news or watch TV news shows. They are depressingly negative. I won’t do it. I’m very often unaware of the events that happen in my own city or perhaps even country, but that doesn’t bother me, because the events that are really important I find out about. But I don’t particularly care, or need to know that another man has murdered his family or another drunk drive has gotten off the hook.

So for sanity’s sake, hell, even for vanity’s sake, please take a moment to think about what you’re thinking about. What are you looking at? Is it uplifting you or bringing you down?

The way to happiness and contentment is through a peaceful mind. And only you can control that journey. Plus, you might just find that you become more productive as a result. You’ll have more time for the things you really care about.