The only question you need to ask yourself today

I was trolling around twitter today. Well actually, trolling isn’t the right word. I was meandering twitter today and came across a RT from Bob Mayer who had actually retweeted Jane Friedman who had posted about Simon Sinek’s recent talk at 99%. If you understand that last sentence you’re well on your way 🙂

Making a long story short, I was inspired by Simon’s talk about human interaction through this talk he gave where he was speaking to understanding people and how that is important to business success.

I’m all for business success, but I’m more for human success and humanities success rather than ra ra capitalism. I’m digressing slightly as Simon wasn’t necessarily talking about human nature in a business perspective. But nevertheless, his speech got me to thinking about the one question you need to ask yourself today. In fact, it’s probably the only question you need to ask yourself today or any other day for that matter.

“How may I help you?”

That’s it. That’s all. With that question friends, you hold the keys to the kingdom. What kingdom, you ask? The kingdom of happiness and fulfillment.

Happiness is deeply felt by how good we feel when helping others. Have you noticed that the happiest folks, the people with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye are very often the ones whose lives are devoted to helping the poor, the disenfranchised and the vulnerable. Mother Theresa comes to mind as does Thich Nhat Hanh.

But it’s even closer to home. Who are some of the people you admire, whom do you enjoy spending time with tremendously? I’ll be they are friends or family who make you feel good, who are servants in some way. And I use the word servant to mean “a devoted and helpful supporter”. Someone who helps you.

And you know the kicker about all of this? It’s a karmic circle. The more you think of ways to help others, the better you feel, and you’ll notice that others are quick and happy to support and help you. If you want any type of success, be it financial, spiritual or physical, if you ask yourself that one question today, “how may I help you?”, you’ll see the success that perhaps up until now has eluded you.

How can you help your friend lose those 5 pounds they’ve wanted to lose. In doing so, you’ll come to lose the weight you want too. We are a social species and our long term success requires that we help each other. More than that, our mental well being and the eradication of our spiritual poverty requires that we learn how to help each other. There are riches in them thar hills if you put it into practice.

How may I help you?