The OnePlus 3T Is A Great Phone – What About The OnePlus 5?

My daily dilly dallier is the OnePlus 3T. I’ve had it since December of 2016 and it’s been the best phone I’ve owned so far, after my iPhone 4.

In fact, I had the iPhone 4 for about 5 years before I got the Moto G, third generation which was a piece of crap, at least for me. It was a very well reviewed phone, but I obviously got a lemon. So after a year I got the OnePlus 3T. It’s the best Android phone I’ve had.

It’s fast and snappy and the Touch ID is great. Not perfect like others seem to think, but really good. There is sometimes a fraction of a second lag when touching the sensor and depending on how wet my fingers are, it will sometimes not read my print. This sometimes happens when I put my finger at a slightly less than straight angle on the sensor. Even though I trained it at a variety of angles.

Anyway, small gripes. But what does surprise me is how well my iPhone 4 holds up next to it. the iPhone is slower, sure, but it’s a 7 year old phone. But the screen is just as bright and detailed. At least to this old man’s eyes.

Nevertheless, this is about the OnePlus. The 3T has been great. But I worry about One Plus’ commitment to updates. They’ve already decided to ditch the OnePlus 2 and not give it Nougat. I doubt my 3T will get anything after Android O or version 8.

Two years of updates compared to Apples 4+ years. Based on this, the iPhone 7 is almost twice as much and you get more than twice the lifespan with updates. Plus a better experience (IMHO). I’m going back to iOS after this Android phone.

But back to the task at hand. The OnePlus 5 will only do well if it keeps to the fundamentals of what made the 3T and the 3 before it a great phone. Price, camera, build quality and specs.

The camera for this price range is decent. Better than my iPhone 4. Perhaps as good as an iPhone 5S? The build quality is good. My 3T is not waterproof or even splash proof, yet I dropped mine in the toilet bowl very briefly and it survived. Yours might not.

The specs were top of the line in 2016 and remain competitive. The price is where I think the OnePlus 5 might fall down. Rumors are suggesting it might be priced anywhere between $550USD and $650USD.

If One Plus can’t keep the price below $500 for the 5, I don’t think they’ll see the same success as they had with the 3 and 3T. Pushing to $600+ and spending less than another $100 and you’ve got better options with the Pixel and S8. One Plus has been loved primarily by tech enthusiasts. The general consumer isn’t very aware of it, and the general consumer will sooner go with a well known brand.

But we’ll see in a week or so won’t we?