The Best Thing You Can Do To Become Frugal And Simplify Your Life Right Now

I’ve been thinking about frugality a lot lately. I think that technology is helping us in the move towards more simplicity and more frugality in our lives. More jobs are becoming available that allow us to work from home. Technology is making it easier to live better with less.

But if there is just one thing we can do to really boost our simplicity and frugality it is easily within our grasp. If you want to make just one change in order to become more frugal and live with greater simplicity it is this. Become vegan.

Now just hear me out before you close your mind to this revolutionary idea. I’m not going to talk about the ethical implications about veganism. What I am going to talk about is the simplicity of veganism.

If there is one change you can make to increase the simplicity in your life and the frugality it is to become vegan. Let me tell you why. But before I do, let me just explain to you what exactly veganism means.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice. It goes beyond simple diet. To become vegan means to give up using animal products. So this means that vegans do not eat any animal products. Vegans DON’T eat flesh of any kind, including fowl, fish and seafood and of course meats of all kind. But beyond that vegans also DON’T consume dairy or eggs or honey.

But not using animal products also means that vegans don’t use animal based products in other areas of their lives. Vegans exclude leather, wool, down and silk from their clothing and shoes. Vegans also don’t support animal based sports or violence. No rodeos, no circuses and no hunting for vegans.

Okay, that’s a brief overview, and although not 100% complete, for our purposes it describes vegansim. Now you might be wondering how veganism can help you gain more frugality or simplicity in your life. Let me explain.

Becoming vegan is like putting yourself on a lifestyle budget and this is how it allows you to become more minimalist and frugal. Let me give you some examples.

Clothing. Being vegan means eschewing leather. So automagically your clothing becomes less expensive. Leather is expensive, so is down and wool, at least compared to the synthetic or natural alternatives. Let me give you a couple of real examples.

At Payless Shoes or Walmart or Target you can find men’s non-leather dress shoes for around $30 to $50. Similar leather dress shoes will cost you $100 and up. Here’s another example. At Ikea you can get a warm (rate 5) polyester comforter for $50. The equivalent down (rate 5) comforter will set you back three times at much – $150.

When it comes to cars or transportation, most upscale cars like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, Range Rover etc, all come standard with leather interiors. BMW and Mercedes can be special ordered with non-leather interiors but most of the high end luxury cars can’t. So by virtue of being vegan you’ll likely need to choose a more economically prices car and thus saving a ton of money.

The same is true with diet. Not only will eating a whole foods plant based vegan diet help you to lose weight and decrease your susceptibility to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other major killers of North Americans, but you’ll save less at the grocery store too.

The health care savings are substantial, but the savings on your food bill are nothing to sneeze at either. At a local grocery store I saw chicken breasts priced at $6.49/lb. That’s Canadian dollars and yes, food is expensive where I live. Tofu can be had for $2.99/lb and beans can be had for about $1.99/lb dry. Getting vegan protein is cheaper than eating meat.

I encourage you to do your own exploration. I’m sure you’ll see that veganism is a quick, easy and healthy way to increase your minimalism and simplicity without having to clip coupons, buy used, or hack your life to death. Give it a try.