Some Ideas On How Best To Create A Minimalist Living Room And Other Minimalist Living Ideas

“Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art.”
~ Frederic Chopin

I have found that the more I pare down my clutter the more I start to feel freer and less stressed out. I have found that a cluttered home or cluttered workspace just creates a cluttered mind. So I want to offer you some of my thoughts on creating a minimalist living room.

It is my intention that the ideas here will help spur you on into thinking of other ideas for creating a minimalist home decor or embracing minimalism in a wider circle of your life.

My goal as I try to embrace more minimalism in my life is to pare life down to the essentials while still enjoying the best that life has to offer. As an example, I use a MacBook Pro to do my writing for this blog. It is an expensive computer but I feel it is the best out there. On the other hand it is the only computer that I use and it is portable. I can access my website wherever I am whether at home or on the road.

I try to put the same ideas into practice in other areas of my life. And the area that we’ll talk about today is how to add minimalism to your home and specifically your living room.

A living room in a home is a really great place to start because it is one of the most used areas of the home and an example of how the rest of the house is kept. I have found, in visiting the homes of friends that a cluttered and disorganized living room is representative of the other rooms as well.

Friends who have disheveled looking living and dining rooms often have disjointed and disorganized bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens too.

Our home is our castle and sanctuary. As such if we are living in a hovel – literally – then it will be hard to keep equanimity in our hearts and minds. The soul, our spirit will find it hard to dwell in peace when there is chaos and disorder around us in our home.

So what are some of the obvious items that we can find in most living rooms?

Usually there is at least a sofa, a loveseat a coffee table, an entertainment center, perhaps bookshelves, works of art or sculpture, knick knacks and doodads. Very often you might find children’s toys and pets.

The idea in creating a minimalistic decor in the home is not to do without so much as it is to do well with fewer items.

For example, some folks have huge couches and loveseats, L shaped couches plus a couple of recliners. This is overkill literally. Having so much stuff is killing you because it is requiring you to work to pay it off and jobs that most folks dislike. You have to maintain all this stuff too and fix it and repair it and clean it. Whether you realize it or not it is creating a soft strumming of stress in your spirit.

Modern home design and decor is acknowledging this with their simplistic and minimalistic design focuses.

I remember one of the most memorable times I spent with friends was with a friend of mine who had just come back after marrying a Korean woman in Korea. Returning home, they didn’t have much, but the company was excellent and nourishing.

We sat on the floor around a low center table eating a plethora of tasty vegan foods. There were plenty of cushions and I never felt uncomfortable once. Those of you who have had the chance to visit Japan will appreciate the Zen beauty and simplicity of this approach.

My friends were rich in company and love and sharing and giving.

We can take this approach even if we have lots. How many sofas do you need, how many recliners? Why not put the LED TV on the wall and use a simple Bose sound system to free up some space.

Do you need all those knick knacks kicking around? Most likely not.

The difficulty is that many of us start to identify with our stuff. We start to feel attached to the things we own and so it can be difficult to give up the extraneous items. But I urge you to try it. See if you can’t donate one chair. half a dozen books. Those doodads that you never use.

Like every new skill that we learn, we become better at setting up a minimalist home and minimalist living rooms the more we practice. Soon you become eager to get rid of the superfluous. Give it a try, start putting some minimalist decor ideas to work in your home. It is freeing and liberating.

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