Praise Seitan And Eat Your Gluten – You Are Not Gluten Intolerant

Paleo is all the rage. Before that it was Atkins Diet Revolution. The basic idea begin to slaughter as many animals as possible and eat their bits and pieces. And God forbid you eat any grains. That’s satan’s food.

I jest a little. But along with the whole idea of eating more meat and fat, the idea is to limit the amount of carbs you eat. And carbs coming mostly from grains means grains are getting framed for dietary malignancies that don’t belong with them.

So what’s ended up happening now is that everyone thinks they’re gluten intolerant. Because grains are the biggest problem with diabetes, our propensity to be fat and all sorts of other dietary bogeymen. Forget the idea that we’re fat because we eat too much. Oh no, we need to eliminate grains and eat more meat and saturated fat ‘cos they’re good for you. Chortle. Meat and saturated fat are well known to harm your health.

As Dr. John McDougall continually says: Folks love hearing good news about their bad habits. And this is part of the reason why everyone’s so bent on finding good news about bacon, butter and other animal products.

However, this is not a call to veganism. If you’re interested in that perspective and the benefits of a vegan diet you can check out my other site.

What I want to talk about today is the benefits of grains and carbs in the diet. Bread is not considered the staff of life for nothing. In fact, grains and other starches have been hugely instrumental in feeding the world and promoting civilization. You can read more about it here.

In fact, Dr. McDougall’s book The Starch Solution is worth a read.

But getting back to the topic of this post which is hailing the benefits of seitan. Seitan for those who don’t know is wheat meat or the protein from wheat otherwise known as gluten. Wheat meat or gluten is often used in vegetarian meat substitutes as it offers a very chewy, meaty texture and absorbs flavors easily.

But the problem is celiac disease. Celiac disease is a disease of the intestines where a person suffering from this disease gives an immune response to gluten. This causes inflammation in the small intestines which can lead to all sorts of nutritional issues as well as physical symptoms. A person with celiac disease cannot eat gluten containing foods and needs to stay away from them.

However, less than 1% of people suffer from this debilitating illness and it can only be diagnosed by a biopsy of the small intestine.

But of course, who wants to have a biopsy when you feel “allegedly” a little bloated or gassy after some pasta or a sandwich. So voila, we have what’s become the catchall phrase of gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Only there’s not such thing. It’s bullshit, or in other words the placebo affect.

But that’s the problem with sheeple. They like to be led around by the wolves in shepherds’ clothing. Listen, stop looking for good news about your bad habits. You know what you need to eat more of for better healthy. Your parents and grandparents told you. Eat your veggies. Eat more veggies and fruits and less processed foods and meat. In fact, no animal products is best.

And as for gluten. Gluten is good for you!

So eat your grains, whole grains especially. Minimize processed foods, meat and dairy and enjoy your sandwiches. Grains will not drain your brain or whatever the faileo group will have you believe. And on top of all of that, grains are the perfect foundation for the one plate one bowl lifestyle of frugality and common sense. They’re cheap, fill you up and are satisfying.