Oh Siri, You Should’ve Been Gone*

* With apologies to Steve Perry.

Sometimes Siri doesn’t understand me properly. But is that the worst of our problems? Hell, sometimes my wife doesn’t understand me either.

Yeah, I get it. Siri could use some improvements. And we’ve been promised them in the next macOS and iOS updates. Greater contextual understanding, translation and deep learning so she knows when you’ve been naughty or nice.

But that doesn’t stop the wah wah train from leaving the station of Apple’s-demise heading towards the fictional town of Apple’s-done.

What Apple failed to mention was whether it’s done anything to fix Siri’s biggest problem — understanding your spoken requests.

The keynote was jam packed with a bunch of useful tech both hardware and software. If Siri’s voice is being improve and it’s added a man’s voice too, as well as translation, I’m betting that understanding is advanced as well.

I’d sooner take a Siri that makes my life easier by knowing what I want and when I want it than understanding everything I say perfectly.

How you like them Apples!