No More Curried Favor For Facebook and Twitter

Yay! Over at The Verge there’s an article suggesting that Apple is doing away with social accounts integration in iOS 11 settings.

I’m grateful for that. I’d sooner see Facebook, Twitter and Google have less access to my goings on at a deeper level. Plus, as other commentators have said, iOS 11 seems to be introducing password autofill which will ease any difficulty this creates.

But it still doesn’t explain why Apple is doing this. The company has often touted its commitment to privacy as a paramount focus…

Apple is doing this because they care about your privacy. The more special treatment that Facebook and Twitter get, the more data they can access about you. Now they’re just being treated the same as other apps. I’m good with this. Very good with it. One of the reasons I love Apple is because of their focus on privacy. And we know how antagonistic Facebook is towards privacy.

In fact, until I can quit Facebook full time, I’ll only be accessing it through the browser with content blockers on.

And with Password Autofill for third party apps, I’m not sure what all the bellyaching is about 😜

How you like them Apples!