My Thoughts On Minimalist Home Design – Living Minimally In Your Own Home

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Minimalist home design is becoming sort of the rage right now as folks with lots of money are spending it on less home. Well, maybe not less home but more of a minimalist home design.

You can be just like them. You can spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on architectural minimalist design plans from your local bespoke architecture firm and then you can spend a million or more on your minimalist home.

But if you’re reading this you know that we actually shy away from that sort of extravagance here at OPOB.

You can have a minimalist styled home for very little money down. In fact, why not turn your own home or apartment into a minimalist mansion. Where mansion is nothing more than just large empty space. Or perhaps rather, empty space that is large in comparison to the space available.

Minimalist home design is best thought of as a Zen approach to home and garden landscaping. You’ve probably seen pictures some of the modern expensive homes out there right now. Some are huge.

But it is not there hugeness that is the main thing, as many of them are comparatively modest for million dollar homes as far as square footage is concerned. No, it is the overall look and feel to a home that gives it the minimalist design elements.

Minimalist homes are generally based upon an open plan. That is generally the overarching feel to minimalist home plans. Rooms are open to each other and walls are limited where possible.

Also, light plays a big role in modern day home design and especially in homes that have a minimalistic feel to them. You’ve seen what I’m talking about. Homes that are open to the world, situated upon a hill with views to die for where every wall seems to be practically just windows.

So how can we use minimalist home design in our own home or apartment especially if we aren’t looking to buy another million dollar home. Or even a first million dollar home!

My best advice is to start with minimalist home decorating and making use of minimalist home decor tips and tricks.

One of the great things about living lightly and with a small environmental footprint is that it takes less stuff and less money to live like that.

You’ll also find that living a light and gentle life is one in which your mind gains greater clarity. I have found and I bet that many of you have also found that the more stuff we have that clutters up our homes, the more stuff clutters up our minds too.

I often get stressed out with the disorder in my home and it often manifests itself into disorder of the mind. I seem more forgetful, on edges and stressed when my home is unbalanced and cluttered.

So the key to living with minimalist home interior decorating design is to limit the stuff you bring in.

Take a hard look at just how much stuff is cluttering up the home and the different living areas. Start in the bedroom, your sanctuary. Remember, the key is to allow for as much open space relative to your allowable space.

Take out half of your clothes and donate them to folks who could really use some clothes. Like the naked 🙂

I bet that many of you have more clothes than closet space. That’s a great place to start. Carry on with your chest of drawers and your bureaus. More empty space. Apple does this very well. In fact most great design whether minimalist or not is about empty space.

Less is very much more especially when it comes to design and interior decorating.

Move on into your living room and lounge and kitchen. Slash and burn if you have to. How many couches and chairs and sofas do you need. How many books on the walls and in the bookshelves. Not too many.

Give yourself room to live and your life will fill with abundance of both a spiritual and mental nature.

You have heard how the universe is described perhaps. It has been described as empty space and points of light. Make you home full of empty space and allow a lot of natural light in and you will have a very pleasing minimalist home design that will be the talk of your friends. Even if you only have a small apartment. You’ll be amazed at how much money space seems to suggest and provide.