My heart sings of sorrow and of joy

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
– Victor Hugo

This post is going to be a little more esoteric in nature. But I think it’s an important one to write. My heart sings of sorrow and of joy. I want to explain what I mean by that.

Looking around in the world today, or I suppose you could take any time in history really, there is a lot of sorrow and also joy. But if I can take a moment to focus on the sorrow that is on the world’s stage at the moment. Recent events in Libya have shed light on that countries deeply divided and tortured past.

Hurricane Irene is now leaving us and cleanup begins. Like the rains that fell from that storm, tears of sorrow have fallen from the faces of children and old people as many of them have seen their lives turned upside down in the storm’s wake.

Up here in Canada we have lost a great political figure of the left in Jack Layton who succumbed to cancer. And just south to us, our American friends are dealing with the personal battle that Steve Jobs of Apple is fighting over what too seems like a devastating cancer.

And friends, these are just three of the recent sorrowful events that formed themselves in the public domain. Let us not of course forget the personal pains and sorrows of those dear to us. Those right here in our neighborhoods.

But this is not what I want to write about. I also want to sing of joy. And my heart sings of joy, and there is much joy around us. I feel joy for my family and friends.

There is joy in my heart for the rain that falls softly outside my window as I write this. It kisses the ground with wet splashes and the earth is renewed. There is tremendous joy in the seasons as we come to the restful season of fall or autumn as many of us might call it.

I sing of joy for my country and the blessings I feel to live in such opportune times and to experience this connection with you dear reader.

And I have joy for many things. Uncountable small and little things that bring comfort and joy to my heart. The purring of my cats as they lie next to me. The soft yellow light that sheds it’s warm glow across my hands. The vegan thumbprint cookies I made not long ago with their fresh, warm, sweet smell still damp on the air.

And so this returns me to the title of my post. My heart sings of sorrow and of joy. But friends, the refrain is one of joy. And so I wanted to take a moment out of your day today and ask you if your heart sings of sorrow and of joy.

And if it does, is your choir of joy louder than your dirge? Life is a journey through hill and dale. We walk hand in hand with both sun and shade. But we have a choice as to which notes will be our refrain. Will you allow your heart to sing stronger of joy than of sorrow? Will your refrain be of courage over cowardice?

This is our potential friends. The power of the spirit to overcome these physical trials and at the dusk of our lives to chirp loudly and sing proudly of joy. For sorrow is just the soft whisper that speaks of joys triumph.