This is my blog. I write things. I like Apple and this blog will have a lot about that. It will have a lot of opinions. They’re mine but that doesn’t make them right. I also reserve the ability to change my opinions.

I’ll write about what grabs me. I like tech and fitness and privacy and minimalism and frugality, and animals, that’s why I don’t eat them. If you like them then you shouldn’t eat them either.

Mostly I write tall tales that I sell on Amazon. If you enjoy an ad-free blog like this, please consider buying one of my novels. They’re pretty good. So my wife tells me, and she’s not biased. Nope, not one bit!

I’m on Twitter and Facebook. I dislike Facebook. I’m trying to escape that gulag. Help me, please! I’ve escaped. Life is so much better without Fakebook.

My name’s Jason Blacker, and I wrote this. I also write and for your daily haiku needs.