Looking Ahead to Apple’s WWDC 2017 – What Might We See Or Be Surprised By

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is a conference that Apple puts up each year, usually in late spring. This year it will start with the keynote on June 5th at 10am Pacific Time. Pacific Time being the local time of Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California.

Like the name suggests, this conference is primarily aimed at developers. However, the public is invited to watch and I usually try to watch the keynote at least. I find the keynote extremely exciting and informative. It is during the keynote that Apple usually announces new software upgrades, new software – if there is any – and other technologies that developers especially will be interested in.

It’s for developers primarily, because they play a hugely important role in adding to Apple’s ecosystem with apps and other software that enhance the experience within the Apple garden of glory 😉

Historically, Apple has released new hardware at this conference, but that hasn’t been the case for a few years. If memory serves, and sometimes it doesn’t, the last time new hardware was announced was in 2013. At WWDC 2013, Apple announced a new MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Airport Time Capsule and Aiport Extreme.

With that behind us, 2017 looks to be a gangbusters WWDC with both new software and hardware being released. Let’s focus on software first.


IOS 11
From MacRumors:

Apple is rumored to be working on a social networking app that’s similar to Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, focusing on giving users a way to share video. The app will let users record video, make edits, add doodles, and send it to friends…

There are also rumors suggesting Apple has some iPad-specific updates in the works… Specifically, Apple is said to be working on expanded Apple Pencil support for the iPad Pro…

My first and so far only iPhone was the iPhone 4 which was talked about by the late great Steve Jobs during WWDC 2010. I’ve only had direct experience with iOS up to iOS 7. I’m currently using a OnePlus 3T as I wanted to try out Android. I still prefer Apple’s OS and I’m looking forward to the iPhone 8.

I don’t have much to add to this list. My feelings are tha iOS 11 will be a smaller update as far as features is concerned but will be focused ont stability and security.

I’m not disappointed by this as iOS is a grea and polished OS as is. I haven’t used iOS in some time, but what I’d like to see, probably the only thing is a dark mode. I use my phone at night in bed and it’d be nice not to be blinded by the light.

From what I can tell, we don’t know a lot about what to expect with macOS 10.13. One idea I’ve seen kicked around on the web is the long shot of macOS 10.13 becoming macOS 11. That would keep it inline with iOS which would be cool. It’s possible, I’m just not sure how likely it’ll be.

I don’t have a lot of wishes for macOS. I like Sierra just fine. A lot of folks are complaining about iTunes, and I think there are some legit beefs out there about it.

For one thing, I’d like to see macOS move more towards iOS, which Apple seems likely to be doing, albeit slowly. I wouldn’t mind having separate apps for the iTunes store, Music, Movies and TV Shows. This is where I think Google does a good job.

We’re also expecting watchOS 4 and tvOS 11. Neither of these updates interest me for two separate reasons. I don’t have an Apple Watch, but I do have an Apple TV, though it’s the 3rd generation and not upgradeable to tvOS 11.


This is where I’m most interested. Unlike many other WWDCs, this one looks to be packed to the hilt with hardware upgrades.

iPad Pro 10.5″
I like the iPad, but I don’t have one. It doesn’t do anything that I’m not happy doing on my MacBook Pro. Intellectually I like the iPad lineup and especially the Pro versions. I think they’d be really cool to draw or paint on. But as a writer, I need a real keyboard to write on and the iPad just doesn’t offer that seamless quality for me yet.

This is a cool laptop. I love the design and I’m not sore about the one port. Hell, I think heading to port-less town sounds good to me if we can figure out proper wireless charging and data transmission. But for now, one port is all that most of us need. This is not a Pro machine. It’s meant for the average consumer. Maybe even pro-sumer. I’ve seen folks do some reasonably decent video editing on it.

And with this being the third generation, it’ll likely come with Kaby Lake processors which should be more powerful and energy friendly.

What I’d like to see, and where I think Apple is headed, is for them to start using A chips for their Mac lineup, iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros. If they’re able to create the magic for Macs like they have with the iPhone A chips, Mac would be unbeatable. Imagine all the things!

MacBook Pro
Newer processors (Kaby Lake) and a 32GB option. Apparently the increased RAM will only be on the 15″, but I see no reason not to offer it for the 13 inch too.

Super Siri Says
Apparently we’re gonna get a Siri speaker to compete with Google and Alexa. But honestly, I don’t see them as being real competitors. I think where Apple will go with this is more of an entertainment media AI. At least that will be the focus. I hope so. Of course Siri speaker will integrate with all of our other Apple products, especially Apple TV.

This is one of the new hardware items I’m super stoked about.

Touch Bar Keyboard
I’ve heard rumors whispered from up on high that Apple could release a Touch Bar enabled keyboard. This would be for iMacs most likely, but it would be cool to have as a spare or for an iPad. I like the idea of the Touch Bar but I have no experience with it. I think the potential here will show itself over time.

That’s the bushel in an Apple basket. This is shaping up to be one of the best WWDCs in recent memories. I’m gonna be watching online. Who’s with me?