Lack of Gigabit Speeds in Next iPhone Not a Big Deal

The Verge reports that unlike the Samsung 8 phone, the next iPhones released in the fall will not have the latest and fastest gigabit speed modems from Qualcomm. Due primarily to the ongoing lawsuit that Apple has with Qualcomm.

Apple’s next iPhones, due out some time in the fall, won’t be capable of gigabit cellular connections due to the company’s contentious legal battle with smartphone modem supplier Qualcomm, according to a report today from Bloomberg.

This is not a big deal, because it’s unlikely that gigabit LTE cellular speeds will be ready for the next two to three years. And by then it’s likely that Intel will be manufacturing gigabit modems as well as Qualcomm.

On a side note, I’m not sure that Qualcomm’s fee approach is going to cause them to lose their lawsuit with Apple. But we’ll see.

How you like them Apples!