Is The Aerobie Aeropress The Best Manual Coffee Maker?

I have my Aeropress and I love it. If you’re looking at buying one I’d highly recommend it. But my problem is, that all the hipsters think this is the best manual coffee maker they’ve ever had/tried/bought etc. etc.

That’s not exactly how I see it. But before we get to that, let’s talk about what the Aeropress is and how it works. Incidentally, a local coffee shop and roaster in my area sells coffee that has been made with the Aeropress. Yeah baby, they sell it for $3.50. That’s for a 12 ounce coffee. Outrageous!

The Aeropress, if you click on the link you’ll see, is a cylindrical coffee maker that works like a manual pump that pushes hot water mixed with ground coffee grains through a paper filter at the bottom. You then just top up your mug with hot water to make your coffee or you just use it to make an espresso if you prefer.

Let me tell you what I like about my Aeropress coffee maker. I like the fact that it’s quick to make a cup of coffee. Literally in about thirty seconds you have a piping hot, tasty cup of coffee. It’s that quick. Only if you have already pre-boiled the water. Otherwise you have to wait for the kettle to boil. But the actual making of coffee is quick.

I also like the fact that the Aeropress is relatively inexpensive. You can buy it for around $30. That also includes 350 filters for about a half a year to a year’s worth of coffee depending on your personal consumption. Replacement filters are also cheap. Just over a penny per filter.

The Aeropress is also quick to clean and empty the grounds. And arguably it’s more environmentally friendly because the paper filters are so small and easily compostible.

So it sounds like a great manual coffee maker. And you’re right it is. But is it the best? No. At least that’s my opinion. The Aeropress is great. I use it every day, but I’ve experimented with a wide variety of coffee makers both manual and mechanical/electric. If you really want the best tasting coffee then the only way to have it is freshly brewed through a French press.

A French press gives the best flavored coffee because it gives you ALL of the coffee flavor. Most other methods that we use, including the Aeropress, filter the coffee through a paper filter. This is a good thing for health but not the best thing for extracting the full flavor profile out of the coffee beans as it traps the coffee oils.

If you want the best and cheapest and tastiest and most environmentally friendly way to make coffee then buy yourself a French Press which should last for years and years and you just end up composting the coffee beans.

However, there are a couple of problems with the French press. Firstly, along with the full coffee flavor you’re also pouring some of the ground coffee sediment into your cup. Not a big deal, just don’t drink that last sip of coffee. The other problem is that unfiltered coffee, like you’ll get from a French press, has been shown to raise cholesterol levels. This is not a problem for filtered coffee like using an Aeropress.

For most healthy people, I don’t believe unfiltered coffee is a deal breaker, but it is something to keep in mind.

So, the bottom line. If you’re reading this blog because you’re trying to live a peaceful, simple life, then don’t buy an Aeropress. It’s an unnecessary expense, especially if you have a coffee maker already.

In my opinion, the Aeropress makes just as good tasting coffee as a regular pour over single cup coffee maker and a drip coffee maker.

If you don’t have a manual coffee maker and you’re looking to get one, I’d still recommend the single serve pour over coffee maker. It’s even easier to use and quicker to clean than the Aeropress though it does take a little longer to make your coffee using it though. But we’re only talking a minute or so more. Additionally, the Aeropress might eventually break and it has a rubber stopper that will likely wear out in time. I believe the pour over coffee maker will be more durable.

If you want the best tasting coffee, then you need to buy a French press. End of story. Obviously, if you have high cholesterol, that’s probably not a smart move, in which case you should get onto the vegan lifestyle and then you can likely enjoy French press made coffee.

But, if you want an Aeropress, then go for it. It’s not a bad spend for your money especially if you enjoy coffee. And taking your own coffee to work rather than buying it every day at work is always smart and living the one plate one bowl lifestyle. Bottom’s up.