Hyped Beyond Reason for the iPhone 10th Anniversary Edition

At least that’s according to Wired. I’m not linking to them because they’re grumpy pants about folks like me and ye who choose to use ad blockers. As an aside, using Apple’s excellent Safari browser in Reader mode allows you to view their articles sans the crapware and spamware and malware that lurks in ad clothing.

But the article does say, like my subject heading, that “[t]he gadget-buying world is hyped beyond reason for the tenth-anniversary iPhone…”

“Hyped beyond reason”? Gimme a break, I’ll give you a third of that, and that third is “hyped”. Listen, the iPhone is the best smartphone in the world, and I don’t have one currently. Well, I have my iPhone 4 but it’s sim-less so I ain’t using it as my daily imbiber. But the iPhone 4 has stood up to the test of time and my wife still uses hers as her daily thriver.

Look, the iPhone is the best selling smartphone of all time. There’s a reason for that. It works, it looks good, it’s reliable and gosh darn it people like it. Maybe I’ll write a post about why it’s the best smartphone eva’, but for now, let’s get back to the task at hand.

The iPhone 8/Edition/X/7s, whatever it’ll be called, is getting the hype it so justly deserves because it’s gonna be great I tell ya, great! Seriously though, just being the 10th anniversary version of the phone that really changed everything is a watermark to be celebrated. And if even some of the rumors turn out to be true it’s going to be one that is worth the hype.

Dual cameras, front facing cameras with 3D and IR maybe. Bezel-less screen and an A11 chip that’s gonna be the benchmark against which all others will fail for at least 18 months to two years and you’ve got yourself the crown jewel of smartphones. Plus, 5 years – most likely – of updates. Just take my money now.

The hype is legit because there are some really special updates coming to this phone, and it’s the 10th anniversary. So yeah, the hype is well earned and within reason. I’m saving up. You?

How you like them Apples!