How To Use A Money Clip – And I Show You Something That’s Even Better

Money is like manure, of very little use except it be spread.
~ Francis Bacon

A money clip is actually a very simple device that holds your money together. Usually if you are not using a wallet then old school dictates that you should use a money clip.

Money clips come in many different designs and price points. In fact, you can get gold money clips and gold money clips with diamonds in them all the way down to a more frugal and better stainless steel or polished steel money clip. You can take a look at some simple but yet still stylish money clips here.

As you can see, using a money clip is quite easy and to answer the question posed by the title of this article which is “how to use a money clip” is a cinch.

Basically money clips for men are folded and sprung metal that pinches whatever is held between the two arms of the money clip. You can see that the arms or fingers of the money clip press against each other at the bottom. Prying them open requires a bit of effort because they are created to spring closed together to keep your money and other contents secure.

Most money clips have a lip or curl on one of the money clip arms, usually the front one which makes sliding your money and cards into the money clip easy.

Using a money clip thus requires that you take your money and fold it in half – this is the most common method – and then you slip the folded edge under the lip and in-between the two arms of the money clip.

The next question one might ask is well how do you fold your money? That’s a great question. One way of folding money is using the Detroit roll which is to have the large bills on the outside going to the smaller bills on the inside.

There is also what I call the Vegas roll which is the opposite and I think the most common. In this case you have Washingtons on the outside going to Benjamins (if you have them) on the inside. This type of a roll might be called something else and if you know of its name please let me know in the comments.

I call it the Vegas roll because whenever you’re in Vegas you’ve gotta keep peeling one dollar bills from your roll to give to bell hops, cab stand attendees and on and on. I find it much easier to flip a Washington off the outside of my roll than from the inside so that’s why I call it the Vegas roll.

Even the best money clip will eventually where a hole in your pocket especially if it has a lip. For this reason many men don’t place their credit cards inside the folded bills which are then clipped inside the money clip, but rather they keep one on the outside protecting their pocket from the abrasion of the money clip’s lip.

I have another method which I prefer to using money clips. It is cheap, actually free if you really want to be super frugal and it is called the Money Band.

The Money Band is the original one and so I like to support them for the idea. But if you don’t mind a nice blue or pink money band you can use the next rubber band you get from your broccoli purchase or you can just buy a pack of rubber bands.

I like the Money Band. For around $10 you can get 3 that will last you at least a year.

With the Money Band you put your cards inside your cash and you fold the cash over the cards and then you place the Money Band securely around the outside of the cash lengthwise and you’re done. A money band is also really easy to take off as you just slide your fingers under the band extend your fingers out and the money band slips onto your fingers securely while you access the cash and then you just slip the money band back around your wad and you’re golden.

This is my preferred way to handle my credit cards and cash. It makes a very slim stack in your pocket and unlike with a men’s money clip it won’t abrade your pocket and create a whole.

And just like with personalized money clips and engraved money clips if you are willing to buy a bunch which is 1,000 Money Bands then  you can get yours personalized too.

Obviously that becomes expensive and not appropriate for frugal folks.

An alternative if you want a personalized money clip to give as a gift is to make use of the many hinged money clips that are coming out on the market. These open up like a watch bracelet so you can slip your cash and cards into the money clip and then it clips back down securely. One of the nice features of a hinged money clip is that they often don’t have lips and so end up being gentler to your pants. Here are some hinged money clips for men to take a look at.