How To Track Your Weight Loss For Free – Keep Up The Motivation And Get Healthy

If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner.
~ Henry Sambrooke Leigh

With over 68% of adults aged 20 and over being either overweight or obese in the US is it any wonder that most of us are trying to lose weight?

The best thing we can do not only for weight loss but also for optimal health is to start eating from a whole foods, plant centered diet. This will decrease your chances of many cancers and heart disease but at the same time help you drop the pounds really easily.

Plant foods and especially whole foods are nutritionally dense which means they give you tons of nutrients like vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants for excellent health. At the same time they are also calorically sparse.

For example, a lunch of 8 cups of salad with 1 tomato and half an onion contains less than 100 calories and yet over 25% each of your daily vitamin C and vitamin A needs.

Despite what all the diet gurus are trying to suggest with their potions, lotions and different motions, weight loss is solely a factor of caloric balance.

Like your checking account, if you withdraw more money than you have in your account, you will go into the red… into a deficit and your bank manager will start having words with you. If you burn more calories than your body needs for a day you will also go into the “red” and your body will have to start burning the stored fat to make up the difference.

And the best way I have found to do this without being hungry all the time is to eat minimally processed foods and to exclude animal foods and minimize the fat in my diet.

And this brings us to the real core of what I want to write to you about today, and that is how to track weight loss. There is a saying attributed to Peter Drucker that goes “what gets measured, gets managed”. Now Mr. Drucker was a management consultant speaking primarily about business management.

But I think it is an important and viable saying that we can use in managing our weight loss efforts.

Most folks will suggest that you don’t weight yourself everyday, yet I have found that to be one of the key ingredients to my success whenever I need to lose some weight. Measuring my weight helps me manage my weight loss efforts.

There are simple ways to track your weight loss, one of the most obvious and easiest is by jotting it down and graphing it out on graph paper.

You can also use Excel spreadsheets if you are competent in that area. However, I have found the best way on how to track your weight loss is through the clouds.

In this instance I’m talking about online programs and applications that make graphing my weight loss and figuring out my daily caloric needs to be easy. I have found 3 free online programs that are terrific at helping you track your weight loss efforts.

I am currently using FitDay primarily but I have also used MyFitnessPal and NutriDiary.

If you think you’ll be wanting to use a mobile app for your iPhone to track your weight loss or for your Android or Blackberry then I recommend either FitDay or MyFitnessPal. Currently, from what I can tell, NutriDiary doesn’t have an app yet.

I personally don’t use the apps that often, I just find it easier to sign in online and update my daily weight and track it that way.

I strongly believe that if you keep up a consistent effort you will get where you want to be with your weight loss journey. Tracking your weight loss online with these free programs I have shared has been very helpful for me and I am sure it will help you too. It keeps you focused, on track and motivated.

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