How To Quit Drinking – How I Quit Drinking Alcohol And Found Over 10 Years Of Sobriety And Counting

Wine hath drowned more men than the sea.
~ Thomas Fuller

Drinking is dancing with the devil. At least for many of us it is. I’ve been sober now coming on 11 years this summer and I’ve loved every minute of it. In this post I hope to show you how to quit drinking.

At least I’ll show you how I quit drinking booze and I hope that my story will help you. I’ve also learned how to quit smoking which I’ve written about as well. In fact, I haven’t smoked cigarettes for over 20 years.

Now why should you listen to me about how to stop drinking alcohol? Because I’ve been there, and more than that it took me 3 tries to get it right.

It was only on the third time quitting drinking that I finally got it right and moved forward from my addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction take their toll on society. But more than that, they take there toll on us. As the alcoholic or alcohol abuser the toll on us is perhaps worst of all. It can rob us of our families, our loved ones, our health both mental and physical and our lives if we allow it to develop long enough.

My son was 5 years old when I decided to quit drinking for good. I was coming home each day after work and pounding back a six pack or two and a bottle of wine, trying to anaesthetize the pain the I felt. Emotional pain.

My life was a wreck back then. I was recently divorced, lived in a small apartment and had a shit job.

They say that there might be some genetic factors to alcoholism or alcohol abuse. I know in my family there is a history of booze binging and alcoholism.

And you know what, I don’t even like the word alcoholic or alcoholism. In fact, today if folks ask me about why I don’t drink I’ll tell them it was because I abused alcohol not that I am an alcoholic.

For me, saying that I am an alcoholic takes the power away from me. It gives the disease or the alcoholism power over me. Now, I’m not denying that alcoholism is a real disease and that those of us who abuse alcohol aren’t alcoholics, it’s just that sometimes a label is not a good way of describing yourself.

Bottom line. If you are comfortable identifying as an alcoholic then do so. But also, if you are not comfortable calling yourself an alcoholic then DON’T. That’s okay too.

The point is you know you are abusing alcohol and that it is affecting you and your life badly. That is the key point. Whether you want to call yourself an alcoholic or not you know that alcohol and your use of it is ruining your life or at the very least having a negative impact on it.

That’s all you need to do. Come clean with yourself. It’s okay to admit that you can’t control alcohol or that you abuse it. Learning how to stop drinking alcohol is firstly coming to terms with the truth that you are abusing it or that you are powerless over alcohol. That’s the first thing.

Listen, just come clean and be honest. It is okay to never ever have another drink once you acknowledge the fact that alcohol is not good for you.

I have lived some of the most fun and happy years of my life these past 10+ years being sober. I will never ever drink alcohol again. It’s that simple. It is not necessary. Not at all, despite what you might be thinking right now. To enjoy your best life you don’t need one drop of booze. None. Serious.

So the first thing is that you’ve come clean. You’ve acknowledged that you have a problem with alcohol in whatever way that it makes sense to you. Now you need to investigate alcohol rehab or alcohol treatment programs and centres.

There are many ways to stop drinking. You can learn how to stop drinking by yourself or you can use many of the alcohol cessation programs that are out there.

I’m not going to tell you which is the best way to quit drinking. But I have a feeling that you know which is the best way for you to stop drinking. The key is being and remaining honest with yourself about the problem you have with alcohol.

The guys and gals I’ve met along my journey with sobriety who have never been able to quit alcohol are the folks who bring too much ego and deceit to the table.

With honesty you take back your power over any addiction. But you have to remain honest with yourself every single day, one day at a time as they say at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). I’m not a fan of the moderation protocol. Those who think that alcoholics or alcohol abusers can learn how to drink again in moderation. That’s bullshit and frankly asking for problems.

There is NO reason whatsoever why you need to have alcohol in your life. Nothing in life is better with alcohol trust me. And for you and I friend, everything in life is WORSE with alcohol. So just give it up. Quit drinking and never look back.

You will learn all about power and self control and the many gifts that it gives you which you can put to use in many other areas of your life. People will respect your decision and admire it. Trust me. I know.

So the treatment for alcoholism or my abuse of alcohol was to seek out AA. I didn’t have money for an inpatient alcoholic treatment program or even an outpatient alcohol treatment facility.

I really like AA to be honest, and I went there for a year before I felt safe enough in my sobriety that I no longer needed to attend meetings. And as mentioned earlier within the first few months of attending I fell down twice. I went on a binge drinking extravaganza. I had to do that twice before I really came clean with myself and realized that I could take back my power if I just quit drinking booze and took one day at a time.

I also never put myself in vulnerable situations for a long time after I quit drinking. So I never went to bars for at least that first year. That was very helpful to me too.

So friends. Do some honest soul searching and come clean with your alcohol problem. Just because you’ve been abusing alcohol doesn’t mean you’re weak or powerless. In fact, you can take back your power and control today. Just say no to booze. Say no every minute of every day for the rest of your life if you have to.

You can do it. The path before you is well trodden. Many have journeyed along it and it is a path that clears out into wonderful, bright and happy vistas. But you gotta take that first step. You’ve gotta come clean. And then you’ve gotta find that way to stop drinking.

Reach out to AA. Reach out to your local health services, reach out to the many alcohol treatment centres or reach deep within yourself. You deserve to live a rich and content, happy life. It is yours for the taking. Despite what has happened in your past, now is the present and with it you can seize your future. Carpe diem my fellow warrior. Carpe diem.