How To Pass A Drug Test – Some Tips And Thoughts You Might Not Have Considered

Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self esteem.
~ Kurt Cobain

As I’ll keep harping on over and over here on OPOB. The main idea behind this blog even though I’ll crisscross over a myriad of topics is about living an authentic and light life. As such I hope to offer thoughts, diatribes and examples of living life to its fullest, cheapest and most authentic.

I’m talking about a life of contemplation that is rich in experience, authentic and unique thought but not rich in the requirement of money. Many of us in order to live a life of excellence will require breaking free from the chains of corporate slavery. And to do that we need to learn to live on modest means. And living well on modest means is in the cards for all of us with just a little bit of uncommon thought.

So this brings me to the idea of today’s blog which is how to pass a drug test. And if you’ve come here looking for some ways to hide, mask or otherwise hoodwink such tests you’ll not find the answers you’re looking for.

Friends, the best way to pass a drug test is not to take the drugs in the first place. Now I’m not against drugs as a heavy handed rule. In fact I believe that legalizing all drugs would go along way in creating a less violent and crime ridden society. That along with legalizing prostitution. Both of those (and I’ve been a cop) are heavily involved with crime both gang related and otherwise.

However, this post is also not about my thoughts on social politics and behaviour. I also do believe in the merits of marijuana in some medicinal purposes.

But to get back to the point of how to pass a drug test, the issue is often one for recreational users. And recreational users can usually hold down a job. As such, you do not have much of my sympathy when it comes to trying to circumvent drug testing.

Now as much as we might live in a somewhat Orwellian environment, I do believe that we have an obligation to conduct ourselves in a manner that is least harmful to as many as possible. And this is one of the reasons I recommend a plant based diet. Part of living lightly and abundantly is to do as little harm as possible and a vegan diet does the least harm while fulfilling our nutritional needs.

And getting back to doing minimal harm. Most jobs that require drug tests do not do so to limit your fun, but they do so because being impaired by either drugs or alcohol carries serious consequences to your colleagues or customers.

In fact, on the job drug use is correlated with much higher work related accidents.

Drugs and alcohol are not only expensive but they impair your judgement. Additionally, alcohol is related to more domestic violent, traffic accidents and violent crime in general. Drugs are similarly related to crime but more than that, if you are using drugs you are surrounding yourself with folks who are skirting the legal boundaries of society. These are not the most honourable and trustworthy folks to be around.

You can do a better job at your work if you are unimpaired. You will find more options to increase your value to your current employer or to a future employer if you remain sober minded.

And being more valuable will over time increase your ability to earn more money. This will allow you to escape sooner than you might otherwise if that is something you want to do. Regardless, living an authentic contemplative life can only be fully achieved when one is in the moment and living with a sober mind, untainted by chemicals, drugs and alcohol.

I know, I’ve been sober 11 years this year and I’m having the time of my life. Take back control of your choices and your ability to live your life on your own terms. I have found AA to be helpful. If you struggle with drugs you might find NA helpful. Regardless, find the methods, strategies and help you need in order to earn back your rich and sober life. You can do it. I know, because I did it too and I’m just like you.

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