How To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle For Fulfillment, Freedom And Fun

To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.
~ Charles Dudley Warner

As we’ve spoken about before, this blog is not so much about the minimalist lifestyle or living as a minimalist, but more about living lightly and abundantly which perhaps on the surface seem dichotomous they really aren’t.

I come to minimalism not such much through a sense of depravation but rather from a position of abundance. I live lightly and minimally so that I might have great abundance in other areas of my life.

So won’t you join me as I offer you my best tips and ideas about how to live a minimalist lifestyle so that you might suck the very marrow from life and enjoy the many wonders and joys from this precious gift.

I have found that living a minimalist life is one of fulfillment. When you pare down your life to the essentials – and those are different for each of us – you get to the core of what it is you want.

Like peeling back the layers of an onion, you are left with life’s sweet centre core. You have exposed to yourself your values and your true passions. Minimalist living is about grabbing a hold of the heart and kernel of what it is you want to do with your life. Once you have wrestled with the essence of life’s value with you, you will find greater fulfillment.

These are the many rewards of adopting a minimalist lifestyle. For example, I sit here in my living room sipping on a cup of coffee that is the best I’ve had and one of the cheapest too. How? Because I roasted the beans myself. Green coffee beans are cheaper than roasted and roasting your own coffee provides the freshest and best tasting coffee you’ve ever experienced.

Between my legs a cat is curled up fast asleep and on the radio is some smooth Christmas jazz playing. Outside the sun beams into the room casting blocks of warm yellow light.

It is quiet outside as most folks are at work as I write to you my dear friends. This is fulfillment for me. And it doesn’t cost me much. My laptop has long been paid for and the coffee is cheap. The sun is free and the kitties are company enough.

Not all of us might have the luxury of working from home. But I promise you, if you are able to consistently live minimally you will find that life can be lived on the cheap. And more than that it can be lived aggressively and abundantly by finding the elements that reward you greatly for the lack of their monetary cost.

This fulfillment from a minimalist life might take years to bear fruit but it will come if you savour the moments and practice minimalism consistently. You will soon find that you have enough to dictate the direction of your own life without the stinging whip of external influence.

Learning how to be frugal and how to live cheap comes with practice but the rewards are exceptional and one of the most deeply treasured rewards for me is freedom.

The freedom to be master of my own time is a gift that keeps on giving. Voluntary simplicity was not hard to embrace when I realized the rewards that could be found by living cheaply and living on less than I thought was possible.

You must first start with debt free living which means that you must eradicate all your debt and then vow never to get into debt again. I would allow one exception to this which is a mortgage but no other debt.

Debt proof living is easy once you have eradicated the debt that has chained you to your master whatever or whomever that is. You soon learn how cheaply you can actually live when there is no debt in your life. Life becomes more abundant when you are choosing to live with less. Sounds like an oxymoron but it isn’t.

You’ll also be learning how to live on a budget which is a necessary skill for when you become fully financially independent whether that is by becoming self employed or just employed part time or on an ad hoc basis. You take back the power and earn and live your own freedom.

There is a lot of fun to be had by living minimally and learning to live cheaply with less. There is a whole world online and off-line awaiting you that offer frugal tips and ideas and strategies to living on a dime as it is sometimes called.

So much of our recreation becomes extraneous when we are no longer chained to our employer and need expensive escapes from the stress of work and modern living.

Debt free living becomes freeing rather than what you might have considered it to be as some sort of depravation.

Living on a tight budget becomes living within your means with joy and happiness. Sure if you don’t have millions to fall back on then you will likely have an older car and live in a smaller cheaper apartment or condominium, but the luxury vehicles will no longer lure you.

I promise you, as you make a commitment to living on the cheap and learning to budget and live well within your means you will find that the fun and joy in life becomes more meaningful and authentic.

Spending time with my family, going for walks and cooking meals together are so much more entertaining than the fun I used to have in the bars spending a hundred dollars or more per night just to hang out with folks I thought were my friends.

Learn to live simply if only so you can take back some of your power. If only so that you will build a foundation and wall of fortitude to protect you from calamity. Because I can also promise you this, calamity of some sort or another comes to us all at some point.

You never know, you might just end up enjoying simple living and what was living cheaply becomes living like a king where you are master of your own domain, a domain of time which is after all the only non renewable resource each of us own.

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