How To Learn Reiki – What Is Reiki, Why Should You Practice It & Is Reiki Legit?

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
~ Buddha

How to learn Reiki is the topic of today’s conversation. But many of you might not know what Reiki is so let’s talk first about what Reiki is and from their determine if Reiki is helpful and if Reiki actually works.

Reiki is a form of healing developed originally by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui around 1922, though I believe that Mikao was probably developing his system of Reiki before then as he died in 1926 of a stroke at the age of 60.

Reiki uses what we have called hands on healing or palm healing. You might have seen what it looks like, if not, here is a video of Reiki in action.

Reiki appears to me somewhat similar to the Christian tradition of laying on of hands for healing purposes.

The word Reiki is from the word Reiki in Japanese which means mysterious atmosphere. In addition, the Japanese word Reiki seems to have been borrowed from the Chinese word língqì meaning supernatural influence. In English we often use the term universal life energy when talking about Reiki.

So that is Reiki in a nutshell. Honestly, it got my bullshit detector going off, and understandably so.

A 2008 review of the randomized clinical trials that had been conducted on Reiki concluded that: the evidence is insufficient to suggest that reiki is an effective treatment for any condition. Therefore the value of reiki remains unproven.

Now I’m not saying that touching, cuddling, hugging and holding people is not therapeutic. I believe that human touch is essential and beneficial for a number of reasons. But I don’t believe that Reiki or any other human touch will cure cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease or most other human ailments and diseases.

If you like Reiki because it makes you feel good and you enjoy the touching and relaxing atmosphere surrounding a Reiki treatment then go for it. But please don’t be misled into thinking that Reiki will be beneficial for your health. Especially if you are unwilling to eat well, exercise and generally take care of yourself.

That said, this is primarily about how to learn Reiki. So how do you find places and teachers who teach Reiki to students wanting to become Reiki masters?

One of the places I found that looks like a legit organization from which to learn and study Reiki is the Reiki Membership Organization. Following that link will help you find a list of Reiki teachers in your state and/or province.

In Reiki there are 3 levels or courses you go through to reach the Master level. I would seek out someone already at the Master level to have as my teacher.

The first level you reach is Firs Degree often called by the Japanese name Shoden. At this level you learn basic theories and procedures as well as hand placement positions which are thought to provide whole body treatment.

In Second Degree training also called Okuden you learn about symbols that are said to enhance and strengthen Reiki allowing it to be practiced effectively over larger distances. During both First and Second Degree you are given attunements from you Reiki teacher to help allow Reiki to flow through you as a student.

The last level or Third Degree or master learning is also called Shinpiden. This where after you have successfully finished this level you are known as a Reiki Master. During this training you are likely to learn an additional symbol and have more attunements done by your teacher.

After completing this level you can now teach others.

How long it takes to get to this level depends on both the student and teacher. But the Reiki Membership Organization requires that if you are TLC (Teacher Licensed by the Center) you will have completed the 3 year course they require.

Personally, I believe if you are looking to practice alternative modalities of therapy you could do better with Yoga and sports massage therapy. They both offer real health benefits rather than the unknowable benefits that Reiki might offer.