How To Find Money In Your House – You’re Richer Than You Think

If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.
~ Ben Franklin

Times are hard right now and I get that. We’ve been in what is arguably the roughest economic times since the Great Depression. Some unofficial unemployment rates put the figures of the unemployed at over 10% in America. Folks are losing their jobs and kids are going hungry.

That ain’t right.

But at OPOB we don’t want to focus on the unhappy things although we are honest enough to speak to real issues like poverty and smoking and consumerism.

That’s why the focus here is on frugal living, minimalist lifestyles that are still authentically abundant. All of us are billionaires and that’s the kind of mentality we try to engender. Now I’m not one to believe in Woo Woo and the magic and power of positive thinking. I think practical solutions are the answer to our real problems and to excelling in life rather than magic fairy dust sprinkled in your eyes but feel good gurus and other clowns of consumerism who are trying to part you with your hard earned money.

The sheeple being led by wolves in shepherd’s clothing and we need to start leading ourselves.

Anyway, enough about the rambling preamble. Time to get to the nuts and bolts of this post which is all about how to find money in your house. Most of us are richer than we think. With some good money management skills and living below our means we can save enough to bring about a bright and real future of freedom from corporate slavery.

In the meantime, let’s start looking around our homes for some extra cash as a start. Here are some places in the house that I have been lucky enough to find some money.

Fabrics for forex
Go through all your old clothes. Especially plow through all your winter jackets from last season or if it is winter, then all your clothes and jackets that you’ve put away from summer.

Most folks if they do this diligently and go through every item of clothing will find at least a couple of bucks. Sometimes bills get stuck in the wash and don’t come out there. Thankfully most cash money nowadays is laundry proof. Which brings us to the second best place to find moolah in your mansion.

Stop laundering your money
Okay, some of us like to keep our money clean. After all it is one of the most germ loving items we own. Don’t believe me about dirty money?

Anyway, before you do your next load of laundry take a good look in the washing machine and dryer, but especially the washing machine for any lose coins. Take a flashlight and I bet you’ll find a few pennies at least.

Make a withdrawal from your drawers
If you were to take some time and go through every drawer and cupboard in your house I’m sure most of us could find another couple of bucks from this exercise.

Most of us have a drawer or two where we toss odds and ends. Little screws or bolts, paperclips, elastic bands and such. And often we end up tossing in some coin there too. Take a look. The more thorough you are the more money you’ll find.

A penny for your cushions
Every few months I take off all the cushions on all the couches, as well as turn over the mattresses in my house and 9 times out of 10 I end up finding some coin under those cushions.

I think cushions might in fact be coin magnets. Try it out for yourself.

No money left behind
I don’t know what it is, but small items like little coins that can roll always seem to be rolling in behind stuff.

Look behind your cupboards if they’re moveable or chest of drawers. Look behind your headboards and behind bookshelves. Dollars to donuts you might find some dollars rather than stale donuts.

Cars for cash
Head on into your garage and take some time crawling into and out of your car.

I have found that cars are literally mobile money machines. This is where we really find the gold mine.

I have found lots of money in my car’s ashtray. Of course, the obvious coin tray is a veritable treasure trove of tuppences and toonies.

Some other places to look in your car for some quick cash is in between the seat cushions, under the car seats, along the door by the car seats and the trunk can be your very best friend too.

Bi-folded bills
You know you have an extra wallet or purse kicking around someplace. Go find your old bi-fold wallet and see what monies you left there from yore.

Wallets should never be gifted without money in them, so if it was a gift, you’ll likely have a couple of shekels in there from your aunt or uncle or friend who gifted it to you. Regardless, you likely left at least some loose change in there.

From soda to shekels
This is a biggie that I’ve left to last. Not quite real money right now. But how many of us probaly have a couple of six packs and a few bottles of wine that are empty just sitting in the garage taking up space? And that’s at a minimum.

More than that, what about those cartons of soy milk or OJ? Many of those are worth a few bucks in many municipalities.

And this is just a start. Why not sell some stuff on Craigslist or Kijiji or eBay. Old DVDs or CDs you no longer watch or listen to. Books, clothes, there is so much junk sitting around in your house that could be turned into cash. One man’s trash is another man’s treasures as they say.

Go on, go digging in that home of yours which is your new found gold mine 🙂

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