How Not To Design Awards

Apple gave out design awards recently at the WWDC. 12 awards to a lucky few, or dozen. I enjoy taking a look at these to get a glimpse into what Apple thinks good design is all about.

Apple thinks that games are cool, or lucrative. Probably both. Five of the twelve awards went to Games. Three went to Productivity. And one each to Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Travel and Photo & Video.

So, out of 25 categories, Apples thinks the best designs are found in just 6. Au contraire, mon Capitan. In 19 categories, designers are doing shit work 😉

Nevertheless, what’s interesting about this is the heavy waiting in the Games category especially. Does this speak to our slacker culture, or our fun loving ways, or Apple’s and their developer’s profits? Probably a little bit of all of the above.

But this brings me to a broader point about online/mobile games generally. I’ve got a suspicion that games are the new sanitized gambling. The house always wins.

Don’t get me wrong, I like few games myself, mostly puzzle based. But how many millions have Google and Amazon and Apple had to reimburse folks for their kids spendthrifty ways in the app stores? Probably tens of millions. A quick search, back of the envelope calculation puts it at around $80 million.

And that’s the problem with games. I just want to pay one time. I hate in-app purchases as much as I hate ads. And in-app purchases are more prevalent by far.

How you like them Apples!