How Does Ninja Compare To Vitamix – The Best Blender For Most Folk’s Needs

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How does the Ninja compare to Vitamix? This is what we’ll find out today. The problem with most “As Seen On TV” products is that they are usually junky and not worth the money. Not all the time. Sometimes you get a great product at a great price, but in my experience the TV Infomercials that most of these products are hawked from over hype what are mostly sub par products.

If you think about it, a TV infomercial is an expensive way to advertise and when the prices of the product are low then you’ve got to wonder where the money is being made to pay for TV commercials and such. Usually the money is made by using low quality manufacturing with low quality materials.

Now let me be upfront with you here and offer a caveat. I don’t own either the Ninja blender or the Vitamix blender.

However, I don’t think that matters to a large degree and here’s why. I’m going to show you how I’d go about assessing which blender is better, the Ninja vs. Vitamix. This is an objective review of these 2 blenders and I will show you how to shop smarter and figure out which of the blenders are better for your particular needs.

One other benefit of me not owning either machine is that I have less inclination towards both “confirmation bias” and “self-serving bias“. When you’ve invested money and time into buying a product most folks tend to want to confirm their decision and so they will downplay the disadvantages of the item or product in question.

Not owning either of the Ninja or Vitamix blenders I am not looking to legitimize my purchase because I haven’t made one yet.

Because there are several versions of the Vitamix blenders as well as the Ninja blenders, the first thing you need to do is limit your review to just 2 of the blenders.

I have chose to compare the Ninja blender NJ600 XL versus the Vitamix 5200. Why did I choose these 2? Simply because each one seems to be the best selling of each manufacturer. You can visit Vitamix and Ninja from those 2 links.

Let’s take a look first at the Ninja NJ600 XL:

  • List price: $129
  • Pitcher size: 72 ounce
  • Motor: 1000 Watts or 1.34 hp
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Easy dishwasher cleaning: Yes

And here’s the Vitamix 5200:

  • List price: $599
  • Pitcher size: 64 ounce
  • Motor: 1380 Watts or 2 hp (peak output)
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Easy self cleaning cleaning: Yes

So looking at them side by side at this point, it looks like the Ninja is the better deal. Based just on cost it is. However, doing the math, if it only lasts 2 years and then craps out you will have to buy 3 and a half to get the full 7 year use that 1 Vita-mix will offer with its 7 year warranty.

Doing the math (3.5 Ninjas x $129 price of one Ninja = $451.50) we see that the Ninja is still about $150 cheaper over 7 years. And honestly, most products don’t just die at the expiry of their warranty, so this is a very crude measure of which blender is better. And also, for that extra $150 that the Vitamix costs, you’re getting an extra 300 to 400 Watts of power and possibly less hassle with having to buy a new machine as you might with the Ninja if it breaks after 2 years.

Anyway, I use the cost of ownership or the cost of ownership per year as just a very rough guideline. So based on list price and warranty only, the Ninja professional blender costs $64.50 per year (list price of $129 divided by the warranty which is 2 years).

The Vitamix 5200 based on the above rough guide of cost of ownership per year is $85.60. But you get more power but less pitcher volume.

All things being equal, the Vitamix blender costs about 32% more per year than the Ninja pro blender. That’s a fair bit but not a deal breaker for me. I’ll know look at customer reviews. Unless you’re a early adopter then one of the benefits of waiting it out is to take a look at the customer reviews and the overall feel or tone of the reviews of each product.

So I’ll take some time looking at Amazon’s customer reviews on the Ninja blender as well as the Vitamix blender.

Before I start reading them, and I don’t read all, I like to take a look at how many customer reviews there are. I want a minimum of ten, but for an expensive item like these blenders I like to see at least a couple of dozen (say 25) or more. And the Ninja blender has 99 customer reviews and the Vitamix blender has 70 reviews so we’re good to go in trusting these reviews in informing our opinion.

I also do a quick and dirty math equation on the positive reviews as a percentage of the overall reviews.

So the Ninja blender has 99 overall reviews and I count positive reviews as being 3 stars or more. The Ninja has 71 3 and above star reviews. So as a percentage, 71 out of 99 is right around 71% positive. That’s easy math to do 😉

The Vitamix has 70 reviews overall (close enough in number to the Ninja’s 99 that I feel comfortable comparing them). Of those 70, 62 of them are 3 and above start. So the Vitamix has 89% positive reviews.

As an aside, you can easily find the percentage that one number is of the other by dividing the small number 62 in the above case by the bigger number which is 70.

As a rule of thumb, I like to see at least 70% positive reviews before I will consider buying anything. And if a product has 80% or more positive reviews my hesitation to buy is very small.

So both the Ninja and the Vitamix have 70+% reviews so they are both products that I would consider a worthy buy. But we need to figure out which of the 2 is better. I will also go on to read the most helpful reviews, and not all of the reviews. I will read the top 3 to 5 most helpful reviews that are positive and the top 3 to 5 most helpful reviews that are negative.

What I’m looking for is to get a taste of the flavor of the reviews. What I mean by this is that sometimes folks will gang up on a product or company and give really mean and nasty reviews that aren’t very helpful or objective. So I want to ensure that the reviews are a reliable and unbiased opinion in general. And with both the Vitamix and Ninja they are.

Comparing these 2 blenders, the Vitamix versus the Ninja is a great example. Both of them would make for good blenders, the difficulty here is the price difference, or rather the upfront cost. $600 for the Vitamix vs. $130 for the Ninja is substantial.

$600 would easily chase away a lot of consumers. So how would I choose amongst these 2 blenders? It’s not easy but this is what I would recommend if you are looking at how the Vitamix and Ninja blenders compare.


If you are a true raw food foodie and/or you blend and juice your food at least daily then you should save up and buy the Vitamix. The Vitamix blends ingredients more smoothly and if a big part of your diet is made up of blended fruits and veggies, you need the best machine possible.

If however, you only blend fruits and veggies or make smoothies on an irregular basis which I would classify as 2 or less times per week then I would recommend you buy the Ninja. Save your money and spend some of it on healthier foods and supplements like protein powders and omega oils that you can add to your occasional smoothies.

Hope this helps.


  1. Several reviews I’ve read about the Ninja indicate that the motor fails within six months . I just recently returned the Ninja 1200 as the motor was unable to process a batch of frozen fruit (not overfilled) – it failed after a couple of pulses. I unloaded half of the batch it still didnt work well. I added liquid and then the Ninja was able to coarsely blend the fruit and liquid. My 19 year old 10 speed Oster blender did as well (it still works fine) . Also the Ninja 1200 has a five year warranty but the customer has to pay shipping both ways. I checked Vitamix 7 year warranty and shipping is paid both ways by Vitamix. So over all the Ninja may work great for a short period then fizzle out quickly. In the end it appears that the Ninja 1100/1200 is more costly to own then a Vitamix ( I dont own a Vitamix nor do I plan on buying one).

  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Vitamix has a great warranty and they stand by their product. Not everyone can afford one though.

  3. Hi Linda,

    I think if you’re keen on a Vitamix and want to save some money then buying a refurbished one from a reputable source that carries at least some sort of warranty is probably a great idea.

  4. Thank you for your comparison. My family wants to buy me the best blender to continue my quest for “clean” eating. I am mesmerized by the Vitamix….. I can make soup any time of year. I make a protein shake every morning and every night. How simple it is and nice to get a shake like you get from an actual smoothie retailer. I am pumped!!! I love the Vitamix!!!! Hope Christmas is good to me… I have been good!!!

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