How Do You Put Music On Tumblr?

The casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it particularly dangerous.
~ Daniel B. Beaulieu

How do you put music on Tumblr? That is relatively easy to do. I’m assuming that what you want to do is put up a music video. But if you are just looking to upload a song without any video, that is pretty simple too and we’ll get to that too.

Tumblr recently beat as the blogging platform that has the most hosted blogs. There is an easy reason for this. Tumblr is especially user friendly. Not that WordPress is hard, but Tumblr is basically idiot proof.

As such, folks are choosing it to upload posts, pictures, music and video very easily. Let’s take a look at how do you add music to Tumblr as a music video.

When you sign in to your Tumblr account you are presented with your dashboard. On the upper left is a silhouette of a dude, unless you have uploaded your own picture there in which case it will be whatever picture you uploaded.

From this picture is a rectangle that covers the middle half of the page. You’ll notice the following text under icons in this order: “Text”, “Photo”, “Quote”, “Link”, “Chat”, “Audio” and “Video”.

Click on the icon or text for “Video” and you’ll be presented with a page titled “Add a Video”. The default tab that is open is titled “Embed a Video” but there is also the choice to “Upload a Video”.

In the first open box attached to the tab you add in the YouTube or Vimeo URL for the video you want to upload. The URL will look something like this if you’re using YouTube:

In the next box which is titled “Caption (optional)” you can add a caption if you like. You can write whatever you want. For example you could write something like; “This is the best song from the 60s in my opinion…” or whatever.

Then just click on “Create post”. If you’re having problems, and I have had problems with this too, just create another blog to post videos on. You’ll need to give it a name and then also a URL but it should work then.

How do you add music to your Tumblr?
This is just as easy. Except that this time you’ll click on “Audio” or the icon above it to add the music you want to add.

Then you’ll be presented with a bunch of different options on how to add music to your Tumblr.

You can upload music that you personally own from your computer, but you are limited to uploading only one song or piece of music per day. You access this through the “Upload” tab. Alternatively and perhaps the easiest way is to choose the tab that is titled “Search” and then search for the song that you want to post to your Tumblr.

The third way is to use the third tab which is titled “External Source” to upload and play music on Tumblr.

As with uploading or adding video to Tumblr you can add a caption or some text if you wish too. Then just click on “Create post” and you’re golden.

Now remember, Tumblr might be cool and easy to use but you don’t own it. As such I don’t recommend it for your personal site or a site you want to make money from. In fact I haven’t found a way to make money from Tumblr other than through affiliate links but that might be against their TOS I haven’t checked and I haven’t tried.

So use Tumblr if you want as an adjunct to your own site or to throw up quick snippets of cool stuff that you find on your internet travels. But don’t use it as your main “home” on the internet. You never want to be a renter or squatter where you can get the boot easily and for no reason. Freeloaders beware!