Heaving Bosoms And Unlikely Heroes

This is the best thing I can say about The Mummy. I just came back from watching it. I reckon about a 2 hour waste of my time despite Russel Crowe’s villainy and Tom Cruise’s best stunt efforts.

Seems to me that Rotten Tomatoes got this one about right.

There were many things wrong with this movie. The least of which was the mishmash of mixed genres. There were zombies similar to what we’ve seen on The Walking Dead. There was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and of course monsters and men or making monsters of men.

The worst part of the movie for me was the forced and half-hearted attempt at humor while battling zombies and an utter lack of any sort of originality. I kept thinking I’d seen this before. And indeed we have. In many different action movies done much better.

There seems to be a race to the bottom in movies generally and in action flicks in particular. The Mummy has beaten Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2 in this race. At the rate it’s going we can’t be far off the very bottom!