Google Making An iPhone

That’s the clickbait headline that The Verge is trying to sell eyeballs by.

It’s a grossly inaccurate headline. What’s really going on is that Google appears to be hiring folks for designing custom chips for their Pixel phones.

Google is designing its own system on a chip (SoC) for future mobile devices

This is a smart move. And moving in this direction, they’ve hired at least one Apple SoC designer. Not sure how that’s gonna help. Wouldn’t it have been better to hire SoC engineers outside of Apple, because I’m pretty sure that Apple engineers are tied down by pretty strict NDAs and the like.

Nevertheless, I’m excited by this news. Maybe by 2019/20 we’ll see Google’s own SoCs on their Google branded phones. That will finally make an Android that could legitimately give the iPhone a run for the money.

And it’ll keep Apple sharp and on their toes, which is always a good thing. We all win when the competition is fierce.

How you like them Apples!