Goddammit Apple Make Some Cheap Shit Already

The Verge is vomiting up some Apple nonsense today. Did you know that you can make a PC all by yourself for around $1000? And, and it has a GPU too. And, and you can do stuff on it like VR and games and Visual Editor, ‘cos you see I’m an “enthusiast”. Which probably means I wanna be a pro but I’m just not good enough.

Seriously though, a $1k PC the size of my bookshelf not only looks worse than my bookshelf it can’t compete with Apple for a number of reasons. First of all OS, secondly, customer service, thirdly, Apple build quality, yada yada.

I’ve owned Macs my entire life, but somewhere along the way my interests and Apple’s diverged.

Those “interests” diverging was probably income moving south of the border. Yes, I’m being unkind. However, I write this on an early 2011 MacBook pro and it runs great. I haven’t had a PC last this long.

It sounds like the perfect machine for a well-paid video editor or graphics designer

Ding, ding, we have a winner. This is exactly where this iMac is aimed. And at $5k for the starting iMac Pro, people buying it know exactly why they’re buying it.

But I could never afford it; even if I could, I certainly wouldn’t invest that much money into a machine with near zero upgradeability.

I’d wager that if you could afford it and your job would be made easier for it then you would buy it. Sometimes folks want their house built by a professional and not have to worry about doing upgrades in a couple of years. Those folks value their time and realize what a good use money can be to buy them the time they need.

The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in almost four years and it still does what pros need it to do. I bet in five years time these iMac Pros will be humming along just fine.

$5k is money well spent when it’ll earn you more by making your life easier. This machine isn’t for “enthusiasts” who want to build their own PC and pretend they’re prosumers when in fact they’re just Twitching Overwatch all day in their jammies from Mommy’s basement.

How you like them Apples!