Face Scanning Technology In Lieu Of Touch ID On Next iPhone

According to Arstechnica which speaks of a report from Bloomberg.

the face-scanning tech will allow iPhone users to log in, authenticate payments, and unlock secure apps. This will be powered by a new 3D sensor.

We’ve heard this before. There have been ongoing rumors vacillating between yeah, maybe, uh, no, to the Touch ID on the forthcoming 2017 iPhone.

Ben Lovejoy over at 9to5Mac referring to everybody’s favorite and sometimes correct Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says:

First, there’s no good reason for Apple to drop Touch ID

But there’s a second, even simpler, reason for doubting the omission of Touch ID: Apple Pay… Apple Pay has been sold to banks and retailers on the basis of the proven security of Touch ID. Swapping this out for a completely new and unproven face-recognition system would be, at the very least, controversial.

Additionally, and Ben mentions this, it could be more awkward as a user to use facial recognition at Tap-to-Pay terminals.

The question is, who’s right? Doesn’t matter really. Apple is right and they’ll show us which way they’ve chosen come September. And whether it’s Touch ID or Self ID, I’m sure they’ll make it work very well and easily.

How you like them Apples!