Eeny Meeny Minus Fingerprint Sensor On The iPhone

The Verge is out with a report suggesting that the iPhone 2017 will not have an integrated fingerprint sensor in the bezel-less iPhone version.

a new report from KGI’s well known and oft-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac) claims that while rumors of the new OLED iPhone featuring a full-screen bezel-less design are true, the device will feature a virtual home button without an integrated fingerprint sensor, just like the Galaxy S8.

With all the back and forth and second guessing going on about the 2017 iPhone I wouldn’t be surprised if this is part of Apple’s strategy to confuse leakers.

By now the phone is possibly in pre-production, and certainly the final blueprints of the phone have been dialed in. I can’t imagine any major changes this late in the game for a phone that is likely to be on sale in 3 months.

I’d much rather be surprised than know ahead of time what the phone will look like. Most of us would if we were honest.

In any event, whether the 2017 iPhone has a rear fingerprint sensor, one baked into the front display, or none at all, is likely not germane to making this another blockbuster. I’m looking forward to snagging one, money willing.

A rear fingerprint display would be a departure for Apple and likely one I wouldn’t expect them to make. Nevertheless, it certainly won’t be a deal breaker with the iPhone buying public. Indeed, many people are quite happy with rear placed fingerprint sensors.