C’mon Apple Get Into the AR Game Already – Umm Nuh Uh, Not Yet

At least that’s what The Verge thinks Apple should be doing. There’s the rumored Apple spectacles – iEye? Doubtful, that’s just too much pirate talk, aye aye!

I have no opinion on Apple spectacles because we don’t know much about them at all. It could just be a rumor tumor, and a benign one at that. Where I do see Apple going in the VR/AR arena is into AR. For me as a consumer, AR just seems the best approach to offering a better customer experience.

For one thing, it has far greater reaching opportunities. Directions, driving augmentation, social interaction and so on. VR on the other hand requires you to be in your nice padded little room like a psychiatric patient hallucinating on a dummy box that makes you look like the Borg version of Quasimodo but with the hump up front.

But when will this be? Who knows. Rumor tumors are fun n’ all for us to hope and salivate over, but very few folks have insider knowledge. But let’s get back to Lauren Goode:

Apple has had a long-standing tradition of waiting to jump into a market because of the premise that it will do it — whatever it may be — better. But the company shouldn’t wait any longer to show the world that it’s serious about AR as a platform.

Arguably, Apple does wait to get into the field once the players are already tired. And by doing so they come in fresh and strong with product that usually excels. The iPhone is a classic example. Hell, the first Mac (Apple 1) was the first example. They didn’t invent the personal computer, only made it better and more accessible to the bulk of us non-tech folks. The same was true with the iPhone. There were others before it, most notably the Crackberry.

But I digress. I think Lauren misses the point that AR is still in it’s infancy. Most companies seem to be focusing on VR and are thus gonna miss the boat when Apple comes out and dominates AR which will likely be the big play in the AR/VR Betamax/VHS battle.

Google’s already tried AR with their Glasses that turned people into Glassholes. Remember that? Apple is probably a ways away from this. But that’s just me, speculating and articulating my gesticulating. How rude 😉

TL;DR I don’t think 2017 is the year Apple makes a move into AR. Perhaps 2018, but right now the field seems pretty immature still for Apple to come on in and dominate. How you like them Apples!