Beware The Ransomeware In Mac’s Clothing

One of the many benefits we enjoy as Mac users is the fact that our systems suffer less from malware as compared to Windows.

However, let us not venture blindly into that dark alley where malevolence gathers, even with the cloak of Macability.

The good folks at Sophos give a rundown of this new ransomware with the obvious name of MacRansom.

If you’re unaware, ransomware encrypts all your files so that you can’t access them without paying the bad guys a fee, usually in Bitcoin, for the decryption key. It’s nasty stuff and usually gets into your system by you downloading sketchy programs, or downloading and opening rogue attachments in email.

This problem is likely to get worse as hackers and other frackers continue to milk the unsuspecting public. So what can you do? In order of importance for regular folks, this is what I recommend.

  1. Backup all your things. Ideally to both the cloud and a hard drive in your possession. I recommend Crashplan.
  2. Keep your computer up to date. Download any software updates as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t download and open attachments you aren’t expecting.
  4. Don’t steal software by torrenting it from sketchy sites.
  5. Buy software from the Mac App Store or other trustworthy vendors.
  6. Use common sense.

How you like them Apples!