Apple Negotiating Lower Fees With Record Labels

Arstechnica is out with an article that suggests Apple is trying to negotiate lower fees with record labels. I’ve seen this rumor before:

Apple revealed in its Q2 2017 earnings report that revenue from its services segment is up by $1 billion year-over-year.

Not all of that money comes from iTunes or Apple Music. It also includes Apple Pay, iCloud and the App Store. Probably iBooks too. But I’m sure a good chunk came from Music seeing how their growth is continuing with over 27 million subscribers as at the beginning of June.

Subscriber growth appears to be growing at around 1 million per month on average at the moment. We’ll see if that continues.

Let’s get one thing straight. Any lower fees Apple negotiates is not going to affect our membership fees.

As such, I’m ambivalent about this. As a consumer I like to pay the least possible for goods and services so long as the quality is good.

But as a writer, I want artists/musicians and the like to be paid more. Historically, musicians have been screwed in this regard, and I doubt this will change that, either way.

How you like them Apples!